Cass Dunlap is willing to speak to groups about writing.

Cas Dunlap is a former clinical psychologist, prosecutor, certified criminal trial lawyer, and judge. He is eminently qualified to present these stories because he is old and has firsthand knowledge of the subject matter. He spends his time, with his wife Anne, alternately making an effort to behave himself in Florida and trying to bring life to an early end on the ski slopes of Colorado.

Cas's latest work, Days of Rage, is a collection of short stories inspired by the poem Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas. Although a poem was the inspiration, these stories are not poetry. Rather they are brief glimpses into the facts and foibles of aging in a humorous and uplifting manner.

Charlie and Sandra Davis - "How to Write your Memoir."

The author, Charlie Davis, is a graduate of Florida State University, with a degree in Insurance and Real Estate, and is retired from careers in Insurance, Real Estate, and Residential Construction.  He is the father of four adult children and the grandfather of nine grandchildren.  He and his wife, Sandra, live in Gulf Breeze, Florida.