In early March, 2020, the Covid Virus began to infiltrate all areas of the United States. No one knew just how devastating it would become.
Sitting outside in my wife Marla’s back yard reading my fourth book in thirty days I think of how pleasant it is.
I watch the squirrels run along the fence top carrying peanuts that someone has left for them unaware of the devastating virus that has changed the world. Outside there is no worry. Inside, the weight of the devastation doesn’t allow one to be at peace.
As I watch the squirrels, suddenly they reverse direction and run back. This is repeated over the hour. What has caused the change of behavior? Is it a sense of safety? I notice that they are practicing social distancing. How do they know to act this way? These are all questions I would not have asked a year ago.
I go into the house hearing the television giving the latest numbers of cases and deaths and realize it is just statistics until the virus infects someone you know.
I wonder is this nature’s way to balance the world’s over population. It used to be justification for war, balancing the world’s population. Now it is a virus.
After lunch I go outside once again and look for the squirrels. They are nowhere to be found. I pick up my latest book and begin reading once again. And once again I am at peace. As I sit in the chair I begin to reminisce on how we got into a lock down in Pensacola, Florida in the first place and jot down what I think and observe in a journal. Who would ever think that my journal would cover Four Hundred and One days, not me, not anyone?


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