Through the Viewfinder


Through the Viewfinder


Through the Viewfinder: Many biographies begin as a project to “leave a few notes for the kids and grandkids.” Art Giberson takes this book far beyond that level. It is the story of a small town boy from the backwoods of West Virginia who grew up to become a renowned Navy photojournalist, newspaper editor, and author.

It is Americana in its purest form: young man with burning ambition, creativity, honesty and guts, rises to the top of his chosen profession. He can see a photograph in his mind, capture it on film, add words, and turn it into a historic photo documentary.

It is also a Navy story. He was told as a young Navy Midshipman that “Chief Petty Officers run the Navy. Admirals can order a certain course to sail and direct an attack on a particular target, but without good chiefs behind him to train and inspire the crew, nothing happens.”

Art Giberson was one of those outstanding Chief Petty Officers, armed only with a camera, he was willing to go in harm’s way to record history as he observed it through the viewfinder of his camera. Not a shabby accomplishment for a barefoot, dirty faced kid from the hills of West Virginia.


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