The Second Flood


The Second Flood

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The Second Flood:  In 2016, the Antarctic Ice Cap slides into the ocean, caused by a combination of global warming and a shifting of continental tectonic plates. Prior to the catastrophe, two brilliant engineers, Jerry Miller and Hal Jernigan, had built Hebron, a high-tech, self-sufficient village on the Tennessee River. When a shrimp boat racing ahead of the rising waters from the Gulf of Mexico reaches Hebron, they see a way to reach Chicago, our country’s new capital, with a survival plan for the nation. Members of Congress are overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem, the government is in chaos, and President Woodrow Wolfe has fallen under the influence of a televangelist who convinces him Armageddon is at hand. In his confusion, Wolfe views the masses streaming into Chicago seeking aid as the enemy. Miller and Jernigan find themselves in an explosive confrontation, with America’s future dependent on the outcome.


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