The Love of Wisdom


The Love of Wisdom

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The Love of Wisdom: Phil Koontz is confronted with the quest of truth and wisdom when an encounter with a deer at night forces his car into a ditch. His wife goes through the windshield and is left in a state of profound unconsciousness. Months later, Phil learns his mother is dealing with his father’s early stages of dementia. As a positive gesture, his daughter introduces him to Sophie, a lady Methodist minister who for several years has moderated a series of discussions on contemporary issues. Missing the lively talks and debate he used to have with his wife, Phil signs up for the seminar, which includes speakers and group discussion on the primary issues of conservative politics: abortion, gay marriage, global economics, plus climate change, war, poverty, fundamental religious beliefs and the decline of culture in modern civilization. The make-up of the group is varied, and the subject matter assures provocative and sometimes heated discussions. The reader, like the workshop participants, is guaranteed a new perspective on issues of interest to him or her.


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