The Crazy Ones Shot Film


The Crazy Ones Shot Film



A history of sea service photography from its beginning in 1914 to its final demise in 2018. For more than 100 years Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Photographers provided enduring and powerful images that have shaped American’s memory of armed conflict as well as their ideas about warfare and its impact. It’s the story of brave men and women who risked their lives to be front line witnesses to the horrors and heroism of war.Combat photographers are the unsung heroes who served alongside America’s fighting forces in trench¬es and jungles, in fighter planes, bombers and helicopters and aboard submarines, destroyers and air¬craft carriers, to capture the visual essence of war. Often armed only with cameras sea service were and will continue to be, among the first to enter battle in the most dangerous places and under the heaviest fire, to record the huge reservoir of memorable images modern day students, scholars and historians take for granted. Combat cameramen profoundly


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