Splinter Island


Splinter Island



What’s going on at Splinter Island?
Suzette Breahnam needs to know.
Her father manages the newest nuclear generating plant in the world, and something’s wrong. Suzette’s already mystified after stumbling on a previously undiscovered race of intelligent beings. That race is the Crrry, and they live unseen and unknown to humans in aquaria throughout the world. Not only are they intelligent, but they are also telepathic. It’s the Crrry who warn her of the danger, a strange, frog-like thing squatting in The Plant’s water reservoir.
Adding to Suzette’s burden is her desire to help her older brother.
A car crash two years ago left him paralyzed. Suze believes the Crrry can help Tommy return to normal. When she introduces Tommy to the world of the Crrry, his normal life becomes an even greater burden. She and Tommy face the Crrry’s ancient enemy, the Rssssh, alongside their aquatic allies and Tommy takes immense joy from the physical abilities imparted by the Crrry.
But when the Frog becomes a mysterious threat to The Plant, and her father suffers a strange injury, could how she responds make a life or death difference?


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