Pay Attention To Your Life


Pay Attention To Your Life


Pay Attention To Your Life: Reflections on self-awareness and self-determination

It has been my experience to observe people constantly not paying attention to what they are doing, how they are speaking to others, where they are going in life, why they are here in the first place, and what their lives really mean. The intent is to call attention to these life areas and behaviors, and provide insight into a means of dealing with them. This is a book about balancing life and paying attention to four distinct but connected parts of ourselves — heart, mind, body, and soul. These dimensions and their importance are discussed as a part of this book. Realizing that many of us are aware of the need to pay attention but sometimes unconsciously fail to do so, I decided to examine how we could become more self-aware in the specific areas that we all share and, by doing so, begin to look at our own self-determination through attention to our lives in these specific areas. The first part of the book discusses the four areas and provides ideas on what they mean to us and how we can pay closer attention to them. The second part presents a number of thoughts on paying attention to different behaviors such as our habits, motivation, and relation to others, and more. The final part of the book presents “attention-provoking” poetry in 30 original poems.


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