Living Life With Conscious Intention


Living Life With Conscious Intention:


Living Life With Conscious Intention: Key behaviors for enriching your life and the world we live in
Conscious Intention is the quality or state of being aware of our determination to behave or act in a certain manner with regard to ourselves and others. It is knowing, within ourselves, what we are thinking about saying or doing, why we want to say or do it, and its impact on the places, things, and people to which we say or do it. This book provides discussion on the importance of practicing conscious intention including 74 key behaviors to assist in your efforts. Over the years, we become comfortable with things deposited in our brains, by both ourselves and others, and we miss the numerous opportunities to reevaluate them throughout our lives. This book can help you assess your current beliefs and paradigms on conscious intention to ensure they remain current and valid.


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