Just…An Apple a Day


Just…An Apple a Day



Just…An Apple a Day was conceived out of Dr. Turner’s many discussions with friends, family, and followers, all readers of his first book, Front Porch Philosophy, which was a collection of stories and commentaries on the common sense wisdom in old sayings. He was encouraged to write a sequel to that “flagship” book which would expand its usefulness as a daily opportunity for personal growth and wisdom. In Just…An Apple a Day, Turner has taken a queue from yet another old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In this book, you are prescribed a daily “dose” of wisdom. Your Rx will act as a preventive elixir to keep you healthy in your relationships, decision making, communication, reasoning, and just about any aspect of how you interact with your environment. Just…An Apple a Day presents three hundred sixty-five old sayings, song lyrics, and quotes from notable people, one dose per day for a full year. Each morsel of wisdom is followed by a commentary from the Author and the reader is invited to accept the challenge of a Commitment to Excellence presented at the conclusion of every page.


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