Dragon Medallions


Dragon Medallions


Skye, Jailynn, and Phrena–17 year old girls–attend high school at Hirkami Castle. One dot he girls’ pastimes was to explore unoccupied parts of the castle. During one of these searches the girls happened upon a room fill of treasures. There Skye found a golden medallion with a dragon’s head engraved on one side. As she held the coin it flashed blue and made her tingle from head to toe as if electrified. Suddenly a dragon mark , like a tattoo, appeared on her
right wrist. It was not like the dragon coin’s face, but that of a dragon in a circle as if to eat its own tail. Later, the three girls unwittingly raveled through a magic portal to the land of Corux. Corux is a parallel world of ancient ways. It is a land of magic, mages, and royalty. And a dragon awakens…


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