Beauty and the Singularities


Beauty and the Singularities



Can a butterfly in Britain condemn a terrorist in France? Does the sweep of a single set of filamentous wings become an ill and angry wind?
In this collection of eight short stories, it isn’t particle physics that drives the Singularity. The Derbyshire homemaker wishing for a particular butterfly to photograph never gives a thought to the political dirty trickster across the globe who has had to give up the warmth and comfort of his bedroom for a drive of destiny. She even is only superficially aware of the five beautiful women three continents away who made headlines robbing the rich and famous.
Surely the minute amount of air moved by a swallowtail’s wings can’t influence the progress of love in Cajun Country. Nor can it explain how a stolen bicycle in New Orleans leads to murder.
In quantum physics, however, things pop in and out of existence all the time.
Perhaps that can explain how a long dead girl’s life mirrors her modern counterpart. Is it a Singularity? Or is it all the work of that butterfly flapping its wings in the Peak District. A disturbance that affects one of its parts shakes the Gestalt, The Beauty, and the Singularities.


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