Ask God and Be Amazed


Ask God and Be Amazed

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Ask God and Be Amazed This is a dramatic true memoir story of a combat Navy veteran who was exposed to the Agent Orange herbicide while flying 212 combat missions in Vietnam and developed Multiple Myeloma cancer. He survived bone marrow transplant operation at the UAB hospital in Birmingham, Alabama in February 2003, and has continued to fight the disease over the past six years. This book is filled with his personal experiences of pain and suffering from the bone cancer along with flashbacks to his pilots and air crewmen, who also developed various cancers and died from being exposed to Agent Orange. These pilots and air crewmen served in Helicopter Combat Search and Rescue Squadron HC-7. Known as the Sea Devils, these daring pilots flew into both North and South Vietnam to rescue downed pilots. HC-7 was one the most decorated Navy squadrons who were awarded all medals from the Good Conduct to the Congressional Medal of Honor.


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