Hagler Field


Hagler Field: a History of Pensacola’s Airport.


Hagler Field: a History of Pensacola’s Airport. Just recently published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport in 2010, this 220-page, full-color book traces the development of Pensacola ’s commercial airports.  Including more than 230 photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, many of which have never been published before, and packed with 22 sidebars of supplemental aeronautical information, Hagler Field chronicles the history of Pensacola’s commercial airport from its primitive beginnings at a 100-acre leased grass air strip at Old Corry Field to its expansion into a modern 1,200 acre complex at a new site that we now know as Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport.  Established by civic pride, built by the hands of relief workers, and improved by the necessities of war, the history of Pensacola ’s airport is spicy gumbo of mystery, excitement, and adventure.


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