Vicki Shankwitz:  Born in California, Vicki met her husband and raised her family in the Mojave Desert. Upon early retirement, and the children finishing college, Vicki and her husband traveled the country full-time for five years in an RV. During their travels, she caught the writing bug. Now settled on the Gulf Coast, she spends more time writing fiction novels and spending time with her family.


Goodnight Gecko: Little Gecko has big dreams. Who will he be tonight?

Dragon Awakenings:  Continuing on the Journey they started in Book 1: Dragon Medallions, Skye, Phrena, and Jailynn find themselves in a strange world of Corux where dragons live, magic is commonplace, but strife thrives. Sumner, a good mage, helps the girls travel across Corux to search for the remaining dragon medallions and the golden dragon statue. With these, Skye can awaken the dragons. Then they must fight the Red Mage Mesant.

The Grimbies of Agowadi: Hailey and Harvey, 10-year-old twins, lived a normal life until a stranger moved into town. Suddenly things turned strange. Could these creepy creatures be …zombies?

Earth Dragons (Dragon Master) Twenty years after the battle on Earth, Skye, Phrena Jailynn, and their families were fully entrenched in life on Corux. Suddenly, one of the ancient portals sounded but it had been magically closed hundreds of years before. And now three of the children are missing. What was happening?

Ben Bear and his Adventures: Ben Bear is very curious. What will he see today?

Karega, the Mischievous Boy: Karega loves to play tricks on everyone, even his grandmother. Then Hezron asks for Karega’s help walking in the village. While walking, Hezron teaches Karega about the animals around them and their behaviors. Will Karega choose to behave like the kind elephants or will he still misbehave?

Fire in the Savanna: Fire! The savanna is on fire! How will the animals put it out before it burns their homes?

Little Deer and Friends: Little Deer is very curious. What can he learn about his community today?

Dragon Medallions: Skye, Jailynn, and Phrena--17 year old girls--attend high school at Hirkami Castle. One dot he girls' pastimes was to explore unoccupied parts of the castle. During one of these searches the girls happened upon a room fill of treasures. There Skye found a golden medallion with a dragon's head engraved on one side. As she held the coin it flashed blue and made her tingle from head to toe as if electrified. Suddenly a dragon mark , like a tattoo, appeared on her right wrist. It was not like the dragon coin's face, but that of a dragon in a circle as if to eat its own tail. Later, the three girls unwittingly raveled through a magic portal to the land of Corux. Corux is a parallel world of ancient ways. It is a land of  magic, mages, and royalty. And a dragon awakens...

Hello Dolphin:  Little Dolphin is scared of the big ocean and all the different creatures. Little Blowfish and his friends know how to help!

Peek-a-Boo Polar Bear:  Peek-A-Boo! Little Polar Bear is looking for someone to play with, and each of his friends pop up to say hello!

Ben Bear is Afraid:  Franklin takes Ben Bear with him to his country home to celebrate his 5th birthday. Ben is left on the porch in the dark and becomes afraid. What happens to Ben next?

Dream Big, Little One:  Let the stars pull you up. You can go far if you don't give up.