Susan Lewis:




Good Bye Mama:  Even though we knew that she would never survive, Mama still managed to laugh those final months. Her strength showed through, her passion for life, her gift for the absurd but mostly the immense love she felt for everyone around her was truly overwhelming. Mama asked me to write her story and when she closed those green eyes for the last time...I kept my promise.

Racing the Past:  For thirty years, I ran from my childhood, never facing it, full on. Those dark, individual moments were put away with the door locked tight, yet somehow they escaped to haunt me. Memories of a tiny girl being dragged through a house by her hair, memories of tasting blood mixed with strawberry jam, memories of humiliation, rage and pure insanity. Moments where nightmares became reality...and in those precise instances, wishing I could muster up the courage to kill myself. The past can collapse your heart and suck the joy from your soul. Those memories can take and take until there's nothing left but the dry husk of a person. I finally stopped running, only to discover I had huge reserves of both strength and hope.


The Issued Wife:  "If the Marine Corps wanted him to have a wife, they would have issued him one." After 20 years of raising babies alone, crawling into an empty bed, answering overseas collect calls in the middle of the night and teaching teenagers how to drive...I've earned the right to say: I am The Issued Wife. I know I'm not the only one. This book of photos, poetry and short stories/prose pieces as well as actual letters written during deployments is just proof that love beats strong within the heart of a Marine Corps marriage.

Hesitation Marks:  Sometimes the most terrifying thing to face is another day


Misfits, Hell Raisers & Orphans:  These are the forgotten and misunderstood children. Hell-raisers that never stopped lighting fires. They are my beloved misfits.

What lies Between:  A collection of poetry and prose pieces that look at life, death, love and loss from every angle. In this seventh book from best selling author Susan A. Lewis, in collaboration with author and master storyteller Dr. Brent Downes, they examine what lies within the dark spaces most keep hidden.

The Happiness Habit:  Why does it take a family-shattering event before we realize life is precious? Come with me and together we'll notice day-to-day beauty and slowly fall in love with life.

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