Rick Garrett , a self published author, is a transplant from South Arkansas to the panhandle of Florida. Rick loves to watch college football, especially the SEC with emphasis on the Arkansas Razorbacks. He enjoys hunting and has recently been introduced to alligator hunting which he defines as a "rush."
He is married with two grown children and four lovely grand daughters. His books range in genre's from children's books, action fiction and faith based.
His books have been fun to write and each genre presents it's own challenge.


Traits of a Leader A man's observations of life at work and at home on a daily basis.

A Time for Revenge:  Jason and Evan had lost their wives in the bombing. Alex was joining forces for revenge. The three would wage war against what they felt was an unfair and unjust tolerance from the US Government. Revenge would be theirs and the perpetrators would pay...even if it cost them their lives.

A Time for Redemption:  Revenge had driven Evan and his friends. They, along with his wife were dead. He held Sara and the FBI along with the government directly responsible. His redemption for his friend's would be the death of Sara. His mission was to kill!

A Time for Reflection:  Time has passed since their last investigation together. Al and Sara are pursuing separate investigations now, however a common denominator pops up- Is Roger Lee just a dad, a doting pap-pap and loving husband or just pure evil leading two lives? Al and Sara find their paths cramming once again.

Sixty one and a half years: An older couple. Holding hands, smiling and talking in the emergency room. Estelle told me they had been married for sixty one and a half years. World War ll had been hard on Charlie and now Alzheimer's was the enemy. This is book is about their life together. Their struggles and their happiness. It is about a love that still flows after Sixty One And A Half Years.

The Art of Dyeing:  My friend Bobby Edwards contracted cancer and eventually died. This book is about him, his live as seen through my eyes and the stories he related to me. A friend who is missed.
I had the honor to assist in the officiating of his funeral. He had asked that his funeral be a celebration of life and tell some light hearted things and laugh. I believe we did as he wished.

Four Friends The Stranger:  The four friends learn how to deal with and what not to do when approached by a stranger. Safety first, Stranger Danger and the Best Way Is To Stay Away.

Four Friends The Bully:  Let an adult know immediately that you are being bullied. Do not let anyone bully you! Get someone to help you and get it stopped.

Four Friends: Being Different is Okay:  A skunk, possum, deer and rabbit learn about their differences and how being different is o.k. This is book one of a four book series. The other three deal with a bully, a stranger and not wandering off alone.

Four Friends: One Goes Missing:  When friends stay together there is strength in numbers. When one goes alone he may get into trouble with no one to help.

Winston Waller:  His dad said he was incorrigible. He said he had a slow learning curve as it took him years to find God's way. Prayer and providence kept him alive through out his younger years, his arrests and his prison breaks. God had a plan for his life. God's grace was and is now abundant in this ex three-time loser's life. As far as the east is from the west...