Proper Publishing works with superintendents, principals, and ELA teachers across the country to help teach students about the use of writing as a positive outlet when dealing with negative emotions. Through our contests, teachers are igniting a love of writing in children who would otherwise never be exposed to the art.


2018 Young Writers to Follow:  The writing featured in this book is by middle and high school students of Escambia, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa counties. Their work stood out among all of their peers. They will be the future Poets Laureate, sculptors, teachers, and artists of tomorrow. Theirs will be the names we come to know.

Minnie’s Diary: Southern Literary Review:  Everyday life involves events that taint the soil of our soul, yet we never speak of them. Maybe out of shame or regret. Maybe it's rage or just pure survival, the words remain locked away. THAT is what we have put in Minnie's Diary. All that actually happens in our world, but has never been discussed and rarely discovered until it's too late.