Marie Giles is a native of Baton Rouge, LA, currently residing in Pensacola, FL. She is a graduate of Southern University, where she studied Computer Science, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. She is a wife and mother who retired from the Federal Civil Service in the field of Information Technology where she advanced to senior management during her 30-year career.

As the youngest of 5 children, whose father passed away when she was only 4 years old, Marie understood, very early on, how sacrifice, focus, commitment, and diligence allowed their mother to persevere against such odds. This served as inspiration for Marie to succeed in life.

From this base, Marie has been on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement nearly all her life. She has come to realize the journey does not end, for “it is in the journey that you continue to improve your outlook and reach a higher level of fulfillment.” She also realizes the journey pauses at many destinations throughout our various phases of life. Her writings reflect this belief and she strives continually to be prepared as each new phase presents.

The common theme in all her literary works of inspiration and poetry is one which encourages others to gain and maintain a keen awareness of self, in order to live life in a way that reflects the Golden Rule. Her main intent is to inspire all toward that end.

Marie has always had a passion for the written word and loves to read all kinds of books, magazines, and other printed material. She enjoys writing and is continually trying to improve her effectiveness through reading, observing, listening, speaking, and loving life.

Marie is the author of four inspirational books which she self-published:


Living Life With Conscious Intention: Key behaviors for enriching your life and the world we live in
Conscious Intention is the quality or state of being aware of our determination to behave or act in a certain manner with regard to ourselves and others. It is knowing, within ourselves, what we are thinking about saying or doing, why we want to say or do it, and its impact on the places, things, and people to which we say or do it. This book provides discussion on the importance of practicing conscious intention including 74 key behaviors to assist in your efforts. Over the years, we become comfortable with things deposited in our brains, by both ourselves and others, and we miss the numerous opportunities to reevaluate them throughout our lives. This book can help you assess your current beliefs and paradigms on conscious intention to ensure they remain current and valid.

Pay Attention To Your Life: Reflections on self-awareness and self-determination

It has been my experience to observe people constantly not paying attention to what they are doing, how they are speaking to others, where they are going in life, why they are here in the first place, and what their lives really mean. The intent is to call attention to these life areas and behaviors, and provide insight into a means of dealing with them. This is a book about balancing life and paying attention to four distinct but connected parts of ourselves -- heart, mind, body, and soul. These dimensions and their importance are discussed as a part of this book. Realizing that many of us are aware of the need to pay attention but sometimes unconsciously fail to do so, I decided to examine how we could become more self-aware in the specific areas that we all share and, by doing so, begin to look at our own self-determination through attention to our lives in these specific areas. The first part of the book discusses the four areas and provides ideas on what they mean to us and how we can pay closer attention to them. The second part presents a number of thoughts on paying attention to different behaviors such as our habits, motivation, and relation to others, and more. The final part of the book presents "attention-provoking" poetry in 30 original poems.

Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart: A collection of words of wisdom, heartfelt thoughts, and original poetry

This is a book that gets you thinking about your own personal path toward a more positive lifestyle. The book is packed with simple, yet thought-provoking wisdom in the form of short statements, upon which the author briefly expounds, as well as her own heartfelt poetry. The author's words of wisdom have something for everyone. Through them, she reveals her genuine concern for others and the state of the world. She implores the reader to think more about how they treat others and to make choices that move them forward, on a positive path, by assessing their own actions and behavior. The poetry in this book is truly original. You are sure to be moved by the author's words on love, compassion, kindness, and even death and dying, as they relate to an open mind and heart. One key characteristic of the book is that you don't have to read it from beginning to end.

A Treasury Of Poetry is a collection of more than 100 poems written by the author over a period of more than 40 years. The book is divided into sections which attempt to identify the source of the author’s particular inspiration at the time each poem was written.

Although many of these poems are included in her three previous books, the reader can enjoy a number of never-published works, in addition to having the complete collection in a single edition.

This treasury represents the author’s experience of being spiritually inspired to put words on paper, in several different and meaningful categories, including Love, Life, Fate, and Purpose.