Manuel Siverio: A retired U.S. Army Colonel Manuel Siverio is a veteran of World War II and Korea. The son of families that immigrated to Puerto Rico from Tenerife in the Canary Islands in the late eighteenth century, he lost both his parents to a highly contagious disease at an early age.

His humble beginnings did not deter him from trying to get ahead. He believes there was a divine guidance to help him decide what was best for him to compensate for the loss of his parents when was five years old.

He left the Army voluntarily at the end of World War II and had the courage to start college when he was twenty-five years of age. He returned to the Army at the start of the Korean War.

For his leadership in combat in the Korean War he was awarded two bronze star medals for valor.

His career included being appointed to a high ranking federal position in Puerto Rico.