Kim Schulz:  Books are a wonderful thing. Education is a continuing process, and if it wasn't for the writers and thinkers throughout the world, who share their stories, I wouldn't be the person I am today (better than yesterday). Now it is time I share my story with you. My hope is that in sharing, I contribute to the wellness and evolution of a world that is spiritually starving itself of love.


Fish Food - Book of Life:  Fish Food is full of unconventional wisdom in regards to healing the human spirit, mind and body. Created for the ultimate human experience. Not only does the author share her own healing journey, she also shares how she came to discover the ability to communicate with spirit guides, through nature and dreams. Be forewarned, this book is full of wisdom!

When the Blindfold Falls:  The face of freedom is not always pretty flags of red, white and blue dancing in the wind, but rather dark faces hanging from the branches of a tree, or a display of breathless bodies frozen along a trail of tears. If we are to address the broken political system we have now, then we must address the social injustice taking place. Not poke the bear with a stick and watch the anger fester to the point the bear attacks back.

The Crude Oil Adventure:  This book contains a timeline of the damages and the effects that the Deepwater Horizon Disaster (also known as the BP Oil Spill) has had on the Pensacola area beaches of Florida. It is also a portrayal of the people who work and live along the Gulf Coast.