Jacqueline Lane:  The author has lived on Perdido Bay for more than 40 years. She has Ph.D. in Marine Biology and has done extensive research on animals living in the bay. She and her husband raised 5 children on Perdido Bay. She taught part-time at the local Junior College and was a member of the Peace Corps, long ago.


Perdido Bay Blues:  This book describes the 30-year efforts of the author and other citizens to try and rescue their bay from the ravages of paper mill pollution. Although the pollution was obvious to the author, other citizens and certain environmental scientists, the powerful interests supporting the paper mill economy kept the mill operating for many years without a proper permit and with continued deterioration of the bay. In order to perpetuate the continued operation of the mill, slanted science, fake toxic algae blooms and lost data were part of the cover-up. The book shows how the environmental policies of the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations conspired to thwart efforts by citizens to clean-up their bay.