Indi Fratarcangelo is an Author, Speaker, Master Certified Life Coach who believes in the word of God, the Good News for mankind.

Indi has worked with children, young adults, individuals and families to bring hope to seemingly hopeless situations, encouragement to the troubled and weary, and God’s truth to overcome life’s difficulties. Indi has worked for several years in the prison and jail ministry. Indi, enjoys visiting nursing homes to show God’s love and joy through fellowship.

It was through her reaching out and caring for others, she received what God revealed in her own heart, a new and deeper understanding about how God’s love, power, and strength can overcome all of life’s challenges and provide the abundance of his promise for us all.

Indi was born and raised in upstate New York but now calls Florida home, where she lives with her husband Rusty.

Indi accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was water baptized in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Jacksonville Florida.

Partnering with individuals – groups to identify and embrace the passion and talents within you.

“Live Your Best Life”

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Broken to be Whole:  We are immersed in a society where people live as victims of rejection, neglect, and abuse with wounds of hurt, guilt, shame, and self-pity. They blame God, parents, husbands, wives, work, and jobs. As "Wounded Spirits" burdened by someone else's behavior, or your own, lies get placed in your heart and walls of stone start to form. Even as believers, we become robbed of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. If this could be you, it is time for true freedom. Do you want to walk in true love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control? Then Broken to be Whole is a must read. I share my own life changing experiences from lessons learned through finding the truth from the word of God. The lessons in this book will teach you how to soften and bring down the walls that have hardened your heart, eliminate the lies to be replaced with truth. When the past is no more, you receive truth, walk in truth, and receive the freedom that comes from a healthy knowledge of this truth. Experience God's mercy and his faithfulness that is new for you every morning. Walk in the truth of the love God has for you, right now, right where you are today.