Drexel Gilbert  30 years in TV news taught Drexel Gilbert the importance of being prepared, upbeat, and willing to roll with the punches—with a smile! As an author, speaker and motivational  consultant, Drexel brings down the house with hilarious anecdotes from the TV newsroom, her playful take on life and relationships, and her personal story of surviving and thriving in a world filled with disappointment and change. Ever the journalist, Drexel has a knack for asking the right questions, the ability to write and speak in a way that connect with the heart, and an adventuresome and mischievous spirit.  In her books and on her blog, Drexel often tackles tough issues with a sensitive and light touch. A woman of deep faith, Drexel’s words motivate men, women, couples and children to live better, be better and do better—for God, for each other and for the world.

Drexel’s newest book, 30 Days To Better Love: A Guide For Men, is a playful and powerful guide for men who want to renew—or sustain—the romance and passion in their marriage. And coming soon, 30 Days to Better Love: A Guide For Women.