Andrea Walker: I do not write to be understood; I write to understand. Born in 1948, my bio has taken me from Jacksonville, Florida through the states of Texas, Washington, Mississippi, and Georgia, but home is Pensacola. From telephone operator to English teacher, one of my favorite roles is Grandmother. I’ve self-published three books, all of which helped me understand others as well as myself.


Bending the Arrow is a novel of hope based on truth. The story of a young offender, his journey through the justice system, and the effects on family, I hope this story will inform, inspire, and possibly call readers to action.

My Town ~ My View is a collection of short essays written over fifteen years, most opinion pieces set in Pensacola, published in the Pensacola News Journal. This collection is upbeat, and again, I hope it moves readers to make their voices heard and even to take action, however small, to improve our community.

Turning Leaves - a collection of ideas about books, reading, and writing, mostly book reviews. What does the writer intend? Must we all glean the same nuggets of truth? I covered novels, short story collections, nonfiction, poetry, and a bit of miscellany. Some are books by famous authors, and others are by local authors, not famous yet, that I know. One theme that ties the works together is awareness – of self, of others, of our world. This is writing to understand. Readers may agree or disagree.